Number format being changed when importing between models


I am attempting to set up an import between modules in two models; the target module has a has a list of numbers as the 'applies to' while the souces has a list of business areas.

To get around this I have created a line item in the source module to assign each entry a number reference.

This number is formatted at zero decimale points, so it matches he list in the target model.

The issue is, when I try and import it is stating that the number from the source module is to 1 decimal point, and as such it won't match the target - see attached image.

I'm sure there's probably something obvious I'm missing and any advice would be appriciated 

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  • harish_bk

    Hi Ceri


    If you are not using the number formatted line item for anything else, then you can directly format that line item to text and load the numbers or submit the numbers there.


    I know its bit of pain but this is the work around we could come out with.


  • Hi Ceri


    Line item 1: 1.0, Number Format

    Line item 2: 1, Text Format, Formula: Text(Line item 1) and use Line Item 2 for the imports.


    Hope this helps

  • The work around did the job, thanks - though slightly annoying that it happens in the first place, not particularly conducive to model efficiency.
  • @CommunityMember83188



    Cheat tip!!

    Set the code of the ID list to 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc

    This will then match automatically2018-11-23_13-26-17.png




    You can always reference the NAME in formulas if you are needing the 1,2,3 reference

    Hope this helps