"Group at Start" option valid for columns ??




Immagine there are 2 lists in hierarchy. 

"L1 Product Family"

"L2 Product Sub-Family" has as parent hierarchy "L1 Product Family"


By default, if the list "L2 Product Sub-Family" is pivoted in columns the elements are shown from left to right following the hierarchy: first the children from L2 list, then the parent from the L1 list. 


Someone has any idea if this behaviour can be changed ?


The request is to show the elements the other way arround: from left to right, in columns: first the parent from L1 list followed by children from L2 list. 


Something similar available with "Group at Start" option of the "Sort" valid only if the list is pivoted in rows. 



Any ideas/workarounds are very wellcome !! 🙂