New to Anaplan


Hi All,

My organization has recently bought a contract with Anaplan, we intend to use it to replace our Excel/Access based Territory Management process. I am on the "Process & Tech" team (read: I am a world class excel/access geek) that updates, improves, the soon to be defunct process, but also means that I am going to be on the front line of this change.

What I am looking for is actual Anaplan users now, and I want to know what you think I should do to prep myself for the change and put myself in a place to succeed, or is this application just hot garbage?

For clarity, I am already working my way through the training process and it seems solid.


  • Hi Bunty


    Welcome to Anaplan world.


    If you know excel its good foundation to start anaplan, the key to anaplan is design and size optimizations.


    You would get full hang of it once you complete 299, one major challenge is here: In anaplan you can define formula per lineitem and it applies across all the list items of the moduel for each value in the cell, in excel you can define the formula in each cell.


    Lot of functions can be related to excel but try to understand why is it being used in context of anaplan. Make sure you have complete control of your design and think big not just current requirements while you are building models in Anaplan.


    We can discuss more as you go in your journey