Login As a User Feature


Hi all,


We have several different models in the Anaplan tool created for our company. 

The models are built for several different business units and different countries.

When you are a specific user from one unit or one country, you see the correct data.


When you are a super user (not admin/anaplanner) and you have access to all units and countries, the data you see doesn´t really make sense. You can´t filter, when you select one business unit, you still see data from all business units,etc. Therefore, we were wondering if we could have a possibility to login as a different user - as a user who sees only one country or just one unit.


I understand that this feature is currently available for super admins (anaplanners) only.

However, that makes it very difficult to work on the design and user adoption within our company when we are working across all business units and all countries.


Is it planned to add such a funcionality moving forward?


Thank you for any feedback. Hana



  • Hi Hana, 


    Another solution might be to use the user role function and create multiple roles for access to different data sets within the hierarchy. Then assign the roles to the user for which they need access to, an admin could change what they want to see to suit them. 


    Also you could create a filters module that allows you to select the data sets/items that you want to view and then access those on the dashboards based on your selection. 


    I haven't seen the functionality that you mentioned planned so far but it could be, also if you have a suggestion for functionality you'd like to be implemented you can share your idea in the idea exchange:




    I hope this this helps and if you require any more detail please do let me know. 





  • @Hana_Simkova,


    From an end-user (non-model builder) perspective you are, unfortunately, at the mercy of the team constructing the model. This would come down to you communicating your needs more clearly or giving examples to your developers/building teams to make it so they are better able to meet your needs.

    There are multiple ways to resolve this issue.


    One is your dashboard design/your table pivoting.
    Eg. Having selectors on the table for Country/Business Unit, and not displaying the full sum of the world.

    You can do it as an admin, and use selective access within Users for your hierarchy. (If I had to guess this is the only kind of filtering set up/in use currently)

    Eg. Country/Business Unit level only allow the information that is relevant to said user. (Useful in testing/building models/using restricted data sets for exports on larger models, and holding individual users to 'their' data set)

    You can set up a filter module.

    Eg. I have a module that has my Country, Region, and I have to select both the country and region and the table returns only data from the region I have selected.

    Selective Access.

    Eg. You have a dashboard where the user selects only the information they wish to see, and then proceeds to each summary/data entry pages that they are interested in working with, then have them be able to return to it to modify their views when they want to look at a different business unit/country.

    Dashboard/Page building

    Eg. Have your model builders construct different tiers for different levels of users (This is AGAINST best practice and can cause issues if not done correctly. The only reason that I would suggest doing this is if you have administrative/higher-ups that require a different view that the other users should not have access to/see)

    For example, I have my monthly update administrative dashboard that has all of my steps to maintain the model that only Admins have access to. 
    Another example, I have a dashboard that admins and managers have access to, but no one else, that allows for approvals of requests.