How to get line item "Identifier"?


Hi anaplanners,


I have to set a summary to 'ratio' for 800 line items. I can automated this using excel then copy-paste.


The issue is that summary in excel looks like somewhat like this:


I know that it's possible to get "hierarchyEntityLongId" using developer tools in Chrome. Maybe this can be solved same way?


It would really help me if I can somehow get this line item identifier. 


Thanks in advance,




  • Hi Hayk, this would require some programming or scripting to intergoate the JSON objects returned in the web response. So it's probably quicker to do manually on the line items tab in Anaplan. You can ctrl/cmd select multiple summary formats and paste in your desired settings.

    I would question the need for 800 line items with ratio summary though, at least be careful there.
    You might see a performance hit with that much aggregation depending on the dimesions and sizes of those 800 line items, and also what timescale they're using...

  • Hayk

    Hi Mark,


    thanks for caveat and your help. I've already managed to do that. It's possible to find those id's in a console, after you open summary setting and choose ratio.


    I know that's not good to have 800 line items in one module, but that's the only way to meet the requirement in this case. Anyway the module's total size is a pretty small, so it works fine.


    Thanks again