Boolean Check the child list member after checking Parent List members


Hi team,


There are four lists L1,L2,L3 and L4 in which L1 is parent of L2, L2 is parent of L3 and L3 is parent of L4.

I have a requirement in which I want to mark true all the descendent members if I am marking upper level as true of the list.

eg. If L1 have A,B,C members and I am marking A as true then the descendat of A in L2,L3 and L4 should be true. 


Please suggest any solution for the above.

Let me know if you need more clarity for this.Thanks in advance.



Mohammad Husain




Best Answer

  • DavidSmith





    For each level set up a module that has a formatted line items for the parents


    So, L4 Details (dimensioned only by L4) will include line items for L3, L2, L1

    L3: formatted as "L3", formula = PARENT(ITEM('L4'))

    L2:formatted as "L2", formula = PARENT('L3')

    L1:formatted as "l1", formula=PARENT('L2')


    L3 Details will include L2, L1 and follows the same logic

    L2 Details will include L1


    then you can refer to the higher level boolean using LOOKUP


    e.g.  Parent module.check is the L1 boolean line item

    In an L2 module you could write Parent module.check[LOOKUP:L2 Details.'L1']

    In an L3 module you could write Parent module.check[LOOKUP:L3 Details.'L1']

    In an L4 module you could write Parent module.check[LOOKUP:L4 Details.'L1']


    Using system modules like this is the key to only calculating information once, and also provide an easy reference point for linking dimensionality across logic

    I hope this helps