Anaplan Connect 1.4 Documentation issues


I have found several errors in the Anaplan connect 1.4 PDF documentation

ref: Anaplan Connect Guide - Version 1.4 - (Last updated December6, 2018)


On page 52 (in Appendix E, numbered as 47) a file example is shown.

The jdbc.connect.url parameter is show as 


jdbc.connect.url= " jdbc:sqlserver://localhost”

It should be written without any quotes (also showing how to specify the port and database name is expected):




Similar issue for the jdbc.query parameter. It should be written without any quotes


jdbc.query=SELECT * FROM Anaplan where col1 = ? and col2 = ?

The same errors are also present page 49 (in Appendix D, numbered as 44). 


On page 53 (numbered as 48) the content is just garbage (I suppose from the Anaplan Connect 1.3 documentation) and should be removed/replaced.