Text formatting within email's body

I am building email template for MAILTO formula. Is it possible to format the text (make bold, italic, colored) and create paragraphs in the emails' body? Maybe implement html tags?


  • this is what the body of my mailto looks like:


    but it should like this instead:




    to make the link visible and clickable to the recipients.

    Do we have any workarounds to do this?


    Note: here is my mailto formula:

    MAILTO("Send to Approver 1", " ", "", "", "Anaplan notification", "https://us2a.app.anaplan.com/core10145/anaplan/framework.jsp?selectedWorkspaceId=8a81b00e67191af001672d4db52616de&selectedModelId=2EB5EDD76EF64A668505BEC98CC32A5F")


    Thank you so much!


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  • @SarahE ,


    I would check the format of the email, whether the default is in HTML or Text.


    Hope this helps,



  • Hi Rob,


    Your solution is not working to me. Quick questions:


    1. Are the "break" and "removed quotes" line items formatted as text?
    2. The formula of the "break" line item is " " (quotes + space + quotes)?

    Thanks in advance for your help.





  • @rodriguezramiro ,


    Care to attach some pictures to help figure out what is going on?





  • Hi Rob,


    Sure! Here you go some pictures. The line items I'm using are "Body", "break" and "MAILTO" ("Body 2" and "MAILTO2" are for an alternative solution I found in the Community).





    Regular View



    Resulting Email



    Thank you.





  • @rodriguezramiro ,


    I think the issue is in your break and break_aux line items.


    Break should not be a subsidiary view, but fully dimensioned by what you have in the Applies To for the module:

    Break_aux should not be a formula of " ", but that should be entered as the text.  Take a look at the below:




    Which produced:


  • Rob,


    Thanks for the quick answer. I did the changes, but it's still not working (same result). Please, find new screenshots below:





    Thanks again.





  • @rodriguezramiro ,


    On the Break, you don't enter " ", but rather " shift return (on the Mac -> Control + Option + Return)





  • @rodriguezramiro 


    Did you get it working?

  • Thanks Rob! It worked, but using Shift + Alt + Enter. It also works if you don't use a formula for the body line item and you just enter the text and use Shift + Alt + Enter to add the breaks. I think this last option is better, as you are not limited by a fixed number of paragraphs.


  • @rob_marshall 


    I'm attempting to reproduce this line break line item, but I'm not having any luck on my Windows 10 Enterprise laptop (version 1909, OS build 18363.959). 


    Enter and Shift-Enter confirm entry of the line item (equivalent to clicking the green checkbox icon at far right), while other combinations of [Alt, Ctrl, Shift]-Enter have no effect, i.e., Ctrl-Enter, Alt-Enter, Ctrl-Alt-Enter, Ctrl-Shift-Enter, Alt-Shift-Enter, Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Enter don't do anything. 


    Pasting in




    from Notepad  will show the desired input in the cell, but gives a "The formula for 'Module'.'Line Item' is invalid:" error.


    Is there some other way to capture these line breaks?


    Many thanks in advance,



  • @chrised209 ,


    I wouldn't paste it in, but type it in using " + Shift + Alt + Enter ", the one combination you may have not tried.  It is hard for me to show you because I have a Mac.



  • @rob_marshall 


    No effect.


    To be crystal clear, I'm holding down the Alt and Shift keys while pressing Enter with my cursor between the quotes and with the checkmark icon visible at right and getting no response from the editing bar (or from the computer at all, really).  I tried it holding down Alt first and holding down Shift first (the sequence shouldn't really matter, in my experience) with indistinguishable results.


    Do you perhaps know of any alternate ways to get a line break into a model cell?


    It may also be noteworthy that my target module and line item are dimensionless, but the module has a number of user-dimensioned subsidiary view items to feed some textlists to generate the To/Cc/Bcc listings.

  • @chrised209 ,


    DM me and we can set something up.

  • I want to take a moment to thank @rob_marshall  for his above-and-beyond help on this issue.


    The key problem I had in reproducing this solution above was that I was making a formula entry instead of an entry into the data cell.  I wasn't able to enter a line break in a formula to extend across all relevant dimensions, but I was able to make a line break entry in a data cell outside of Blueprint view.  On my Windows 10 machine, I was able to make the entry not with Alt-Shift-Enter, but rather with Ctrl-Alt-Enter.  Storing multiple line breaks in a single cell wasn't effective, but text joining with it more than once worked.

  • @chrised209 


    Happy to help!

  • Thanks for the really nice post. It helped me while creating all the process for my Clients, I just have one question these emails are going to send from Mail of Windows 10, will that work with Outlook too.



    Suruchi Kapoor

  • @suruchi.kapoor 


    Yes, it will work for Outlook as well as Windows.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks so much! I was doing the same thing in the formula instead of in the data cell.
  • Great solution! I found this 3 years later and it still works very well. Thanks to all of you for finding all the relevant workarounds. (especially that Ctrl + Alt + Enter instead of Shift)