Changing the date format while exporting data from a module


Hi all,


We have a module where the time is like Jan-19, Dec-18 etc. But we want the export file from the module to have date like 201901 or 201812. Is it possible? We don't have the option of exporting the data out from the module and changing the format and loading into another module as these are biggest modules and we don't have space to create another simular module just for this. Is there any other way of achieving this? Thanks.


  • Hi,


    You can do so by using a combination of keywords.

    Assuming there's a line item called Time_1 (with format Period Month), then in the same module, create another line item called Time_2 with format "Text". The formula for Time_2 is

    TEXT(YEAR('Time_1')) & RIGHT("0"& TEXT(MONTH('Time_1')),2)




  • I would add, but the formula from above in a module dimensioned by TIME ONLY.  This will make the formula much more efficient





  • I agree, and if the formula appears in more than 1 target module, we should place the formula in a "Time Admin" SYSTEMS module as part of the D.I.S.C.O methodology.