Looking at a blank screen wondering how to get started - You need "Page Builder" access...



If you just got switched on for the New UX Beta there is something you need to know before you get started...

There is a New security role that you will need to Create Apps and Pages - it's called "Page Builder".

You probably have no apps and are wondering how to create them...

Apps list - no page builder.png

You need to find your "Tenant Admin" user, that person can go in to "Administration" and set up all the Page Builders.


Administration Page Builder.png

After you have set the Page Builder permissions when you go back to the New UX via the link we shared with you it should look like this... Notice the "Create an App" button.

Apps list - with Page Builder.png

Happy days!! 🤘👍


  • Hello,
    After clicking on the URL - https://us1a.app.anaplan.com/administration
    I just get the rotating circle and page never gets loaded.
    Any idea what's wrong ?
    How do i figure out who is tenant admin for Wipro ?
  • Hi @MaheshDamani , 

    Do you have access for multiple tenants (customers)? You'll need to log into Launch Pad and check that your tenant is set to your company's tenant.


    To do this, log into Anaplan the regular way. You'll hit Launch Pad, where all the models show up. In the top right-hand side of the screen, you'll see, in a line, a search box, Sort, Customer, Filter, and then the options to see your models as tiles or as a list. Select the "Customer" drop down and then select your company's tenant from the list that populates. 


    With regards to the tenant admin, please submit a ticket to support@anaplan.com asking who your tenant admin is so that you can be made a page builder. 


    I hope this helps!