Module for Access on dashboard


Hi team,


I want to create a module in which I want to fetch the information like if the user login he can see all the dashboards on which he has the access(read, write and none).


I have created a list of all dashboard and applied it in module having three boolean type line items "Read", "Write" and none. I want to check the respected line items for paricular dashboard name(applied in module) according to their access.


Is there any solution to achieve the above requirement?

Please Let me know if you need more info.



Mohammad Husain



  • Hi Mohammad Husain,

    You are trying to build a very unique thing, very nice.

    Unfortunately, this cannot be done, for the reasons listed below:

    1) A dashboard will not have "Read-Write-None" access directly but modules, lists and actions used in that particular dashboard will have "Read-Write-None". Further, you can control whether a particular role can see the dashboard or not through contents panel.

    2) There are two ways by which you can pull data into the module which you created:

          a) Through formula : Not possible as Anaplan will not take actions in the formula.

          b) Through an import process : No option to import from actions to a module/list.


    But as a workaround solution, you can update the module which you are creating manually. So that, an admin will have to update this whenever he provides an access to new user.


    Hope this helps.



    Pavan Kumar

  • @mohammad.husain

    As @PavanKumar says this is not directly possible


    1.  You assign users to Roles

    2. You assign Roles to modules (read, write, none)

    3. You assign Dashboards to Roles (through the contents panel)

    4. You can see which modules are referenced in which dashboard, and which dashboard uses which modules

    5.  All of these settings are able to be exported


    You can then bring this information back into various lists and modules


    I'm sure you could cross check the list of modules with dashboards and then link in the access for each role to show what the status of the module was for each role

    Then you can match the user to the role


    Hope that helps