Data Export for Selected Line Items Only


Hi Everyone,


I have a view that I want to export into a file via action.  The view has 2 lists as column and 3 line items across. The module itself has 7 line items.  However, the export always output all 7 line items.  Is there a way to limit the export to the selected line items only?







  • @andre.lie,


    Have you tried using the following?



  • Hi @rob_marshall,


    Thanks for the response.  I need the lists to be as columns for upload to another system.




  • Have you tried setting up a saved view with a filter on the line items, then using a grid export?
  • As per @ben_speight's post that should work for three nested lists.  If you use this, definitely set up a single boolean as a filter to minimise the rows being displayed, as rendering the view prior to export can take time on large lists if the filter is not set up efficiently

    If you need more than three nested lists, I think the only way is to have an "export" module, replicating the desired line items


  • @DavidSmith@ben_speight@rob_marshall


    Thanks for the suggestions.  I think having an export module with the required line items is the most appropriate one for my situation.