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I am building a small optimization model, I am getting "Constraint does not exist" error message. I am not able to identify why I am getting this error.  can anyone please help?







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  • samaplan
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    This error was generated because a line item referenced in the constraint referenced multiple levels of non-dimensionalized line items. Optimizer works best when relationships are defined in lists and parent hierarchies with dependencies limited to one level removed. Modeling with parent hierarchies and lists items will allow your input line items to be defined by simpler formulas -- let Anaplan do the work!


    You can troubleshoot this error by temporarily removing the formula from the line item and running the Optimizer action. If Optimizer is then able to solve the problem, the issue can be isolated to that line item and you can look at simplifying/flattening its formula. 


    In our case, a second error came up in how the syntax of a constraint was phrased. After changing the syntax, the Optimizer ran successfully. 




  • I am developing a small production optimization model. I am getting following error.Error.png


    Can anyone please help me to resolve it?

    My model details are as below -

    My objective function is to maximize the profit. Profit is calculated as Total Price – Total Cost. Price is assigned to End items while the Cost is assigned to Components.

    The production plan is constrained by work center capacity. Apart from capacity following are other constraints –

    1. End Product Production Quantity Constraint - PP_Optimization.No of End Items <= End Product Demand.demand
    2. Component Production Quantity Constraint - PP_Optimization.No of Components - 1 * PP_Optimization.Total Component Demand = 0

    The blue print view for the constraint is as below –



    The blue print view for PP_Optimization module is as below –Optmization module.png




    The action configuration is as below –


    Action configuration.png 

  • @samaplanThanks for your inputs. These are really helpful.



    Sourabh Kulkarni

  • I have faced lot of such issue and realized that if we do complex calculation and use output in the constraints creation , was getting the issue you specified.


    Best is keep all the variable on side of the equaiton and all the constants on other side,


    such issue would not appear



    Manas Malhotra