How to update the Date as Blank from import Action


Hi, How can i update a Date Column which already had Valid Date with BLANK from Import Action? 



  • You could set up an import that had blank dates and use the option "Clear target prior to import" when setting up your import definition.

    If that isn't what you're looking for, perhaps you could provide more context?
  • You should also consider creating a date-type line item in that module with the formula BLANK, then save a view with just that line item in it and import from there. That will set all the dates to blank, and will also allow you to fine-tune the affected rows later if necessary.
  • @amanda_myton what if i try to do this on a list, which doesn´t have the clear target option?

  • (1) Set up a no data line item in the same module, (2) Import the no data line item into the field you want to clear and have the import set as clear target.