Bulk Copy within a Single Module


Can I bulk copy data and formulas within a certain module? I want to move all of my actual data from a previous year into another version, but only for one specific module. My only solution so far is to export the data and reimport, which is tedious.  Any information is apprciated. Thanks, Mark



  • Hi Mark,

    You can do this but not using bulk copy. You need to use an import action (which is more flexible than a bulk copy anyway).

    Here's what you need to do:
    Create a view of your module that selects out exactly the data you want to copy. Include a filter to pick the right rows, and show only the relevant line items
    Your view should also include line items to control where you want the data to go. For example you'll probably want a Target Version line item containing the name of the version you want to copy into
    In the module you want to copy into (which I think in your case is the same module), import the data from your view. To do this, click Data, Import, then select Connect to Anaplan Model, pick your model and select Saved View, then find your view in the list
    Configure how you want the import to work. You'll probably want to select "Clear target prior to import", but then under Versions say that you only want to clear "Matched items in source". On other dimensions you'll probably want to clear all items
    Run the import and check if it's worked the way you want. If not, you'll find it under Actions (should be at the bottom of the list) and you can edit it here until you've got it right
    You can rename the action to give it a meaningful name, and then add it to processes, publish it on dashboards etc. which you can't do with a bulk copy

    Hope this helps,