Saved Personal Views in Dashboard


I'm hoping someone will know why under the Model Settings > Dashboards > Personal Views the platform doesn't seem to show how many saved dashboards there are when there is apparently a list to do so (I know we won't know who, but I was at least hoping to see how many) . 


We were hoping to use this functionality to know when we need to communicate a change to a master dashboard vs when we can just make a change without communication (e.g. it may be to a lesser used dashboard).  On testing behaviour today (before we more widely open up the functionality to our users) there are no numbers showing for the saved views created at test.


On our one Model where the personal views functionaity has been in use for some time there are numbers showing, but as it looks like very low use I am now wondering if in fact more are in use, just not being displayed.


Is it one of the few parts of the system that only updates daily? Or what is the column headed Personal Views (0)actually for?  Any knowledge / thoughts ideas or assistance gratefully received?



  • Hi Scornia

    Personal Views (0) on the right-hand side will actually tell you if there is any saved personal view corresponding to a particular dashboard and total in general. 

    Hope that helps




  • Partially, thanks for giving the confirmation that the column should show the number of views. But part of my question still stands - why they don't show immediatly. I've checked this morning and the saved views are now showing, but they were not on Friday. I've saved another dashboard personal view this morning, but that is not yet showing in the count (having logged off and back on). Does anyone know when or how long it is before the personal saved views count gets updated?

  • @Scorina

    The views certainly shouldn't take very loing to show.

    I have noticed that sometimes, you need to move off the Peronal Dashboards tab or move off the settings tab and then return to "refresh" the list of personal dashboards, but I just tried and the "refresh was pretty instant!


    If this is not the behavoiur you are seeing, it would probably be worth raising a support ticket just to check

    I hope this helps


  • Thanks for assurance.  I'll keep an eye and raise a ticket if behaviour is still not right.