How to reduce the dropdown list of a column


I have graders name as a column in a module. The column datatype is a list (graders name)

I want to reduce the dropdown from that column to only active graders



I tried creating a subset of the list (graders name) and then using that list as a datatype in the column but that erases all the data related to previous graders that are currently not active


Please help!


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  • kavinkumar

    HI Lokesh,


    I have a solution for this!!


    Step 1: Create a list called "Active" and Create one list item in it as "Active".How to reduce the dropdown list of a column.PNG

    Step 2: Create a property in your "Graders Name" list as Active and format it as the above created list. Then select active to the list items that are active.How to reduce the dropdown list of a column 1.PNG

    Step 3: Create a line item in your module and format it as Active list. Then either select Active from the drop down or write a formula in the line item. After you do this now the line item that is formatted as "Graders name" list will have dependent drop down based on the above line item.Dependent Drop down.png


    Now you will be able to see only the Graders name that you have given as active in in the property of the list. I gave 1,3 and 4 as active so i am able to see only those in my drop down.

    Dependent Drop down 1.png



    Hope this would be helpful to reduce the dropdown list of a column.


    Let me know if you have any concerns.





  • I tried that but it still removes the Data related to previous graders.

    Its an input field (Graders input into this field)

  • It sounds like you may be combining 2 conflicting requirements (preserving historical data points, collecting new data points) into a single solution.  Try creating 2 modules, one for each purpose:

     - Module A is used for data entry with your list subset of active graders as a line item.  Create an action to move entered data to Module B.

    - Module B is your data repository that contains historical data and is not restricted by your subset.


  • @kavinkumar  Many thanks for this, it is a great explanation!

    I tried it for a similar requirement - in that I have a "Graders" type list which is hierarchical and I was hoping to use this to select only the leaf items, however the ancestral items were still included in the list and not just the leaf items. This seemed to me to return the same items as a subset did (in this example "Active" subset). I cannot think of an advantage of using your method above to using Subsets in a list.

    Am I missing something?

  • @PaulWestonVA 

    the only way to remove the parents from the list is to create a flat list of children.  You can still use the techniques listed above for dependent drop downs,

    Once chosen, you can then match the flat list against the hierarchical list if needed

    I hope this helps