Limiting on time selection

Have a module for marketing deals that have start and end dates inputted as weeks (eg W/e 19 Jan 2018), but whenever somone loads a new deal this defaults to the first week in the model, in this instance it's the start of 2016 which means a lot of scrolling / typing in the right date.

Is there a way to have the drop-down default to the current week, similar to how it works if the line item is date formatted where it goes to the current month - i'd rather not give the option to put in a date if am honest



Best Answer

  • @andrewtye,


    If I am understaning you correctly, you have a line item with format of Time Period (Week) and when your users click on it, it shows all of the time periods at the week level going back to 2016.  Is this correct?  I don't believe you can do what you are wanting, to default the first selection to be the current week like when a line item is date formatted, it defaults to todays date as you stated.  While I see you don't want the users to input a date, I am thinking that is the only way at this moment and then have the weekly period line item based off the inputted date.



    Not sure this helps you though,