Best practice for Organisation Hierarchy in Matrix Style Business




My company uses a matrix style hierarchy where we look at client and country on separate dimensions as per the below image.


Matrix Structure.png


I'd like to recreate this view in Anaplan (without the sparsity). Where client leads can see their client across all countries, and country leads can view their country across all clients. I'm thinking of using a numbered list and concatenating client and country, then mapping each list item to a country item and a client item. Is there another/better way that I haven't considered?


Any advice would be great!






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  • rob_marshall

    @NicolasCadier ,


    You are absolutely correct in your thinking.  I would create a numbered list with Clients rolling up to Countries with the Display Name being a list formatted to a Flat List (one for Clients as well as Countries).  In having the Display Name as list formatted, this will always get you back to the Flat List (by doing a lookup on the Display Name) which could help you in reporting as well as not burning a line item to do a Finditem().  Also, a couple words of wisdom, in creating the code, use the same codes that are in your flat list and concatenate them together (100_555) where 100 is the code of a Country and 555 is the code of the Client.  This way, you will always know both sides (Country and Client) by the code.


    Hope this helps,