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Is there a particular reason why I lose the ability to view a list in tree when I exceed a certain number of list items? Does anyone know what the limit is on the number of items I can add to a list before I lose the ability to see it in tree view.  Thanks, Mark


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  • robert_mahlum
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    The current limit for items in a list that allows you to utilize the "Tree View" is 1,000 items.


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  • mpeck
    Thanks, Rob

  • Are there any plans to update this limit in the nearby future? Or any workarounds?

  • Hi,
    with practive you will find it's easier to view list items through 2 relevant modules published to dedicated dashboards and using the synchronize feature in dashboard.
    The first module has the Parent list
    The second module has the child list

    That will allows you to expand and collapse the list items of the second module (child) by selecting the parent in the forst module (parent).

    Of course you can play with as many parent / child module and synchr as you wish.

    Kind regards.
  • Hi @robert_mahlum


    While I'm used to coping with the 1000 row Tree View limit, is there any discussion about improving this?  


    I understand the work-arounds (and do use them), but would still love to see some movement on this.





  • Agree with this post! I know of a competing product whose limit in a tree view is in the millions of list members.