Integration with Anaplan usin Informatica powercenter


Hi all,


I am working on a Anaplan project. We have to integrate our source system with Anaplan using an ETL tool.

My client has Informatica Powercenter.

I know from Anaplan community that we can connect Infomatica cloud with Anaplan as Informatica Cloud has Anaplan connector 2.0 built in.


I assume that since Informatica Powercenter is on premise, there is no inbuilt Anaplan connector to connect Anaplan.


Could you please let me know what are the steps to integrate our source system with Anaplan using Informatica powercenter.



Mohammad Husain

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  • rob_marshall

    @mohammad.husain ,


    Correct, our Anaplan Connector does not work with PowerCenter.  If you have to use PowerCenter, one way to use it would be to get the data from the Source system via PowerCenter which then creates a flat file, either text or csv.  Then you can create an Anaplan Connect script which loads the file into Anaplan which can then subsequently build your desired list(s) as well as load data into modules via a Process.  Once the Anaplan Script development has been completed, you can use PowerCenter to call and schedule the running of the Anaplan Connect script.


    Hope this helps,



  • hendersonmj

    One option is to download and intall Java and the Anaplan Connect data integration utility onto a server.
    Write shell scripts (Unix bash or Windows) that integrate information about the connection and action you wish to perform. Anaplan Connect supports Import, Export, and Process actions in Anaplan.   
    User PowerCenter to run your scripts.

    Anaplan Connect supports JDBC queries to upload data to Anaplan (requires a JDBC driver for your relational database).  It does not currently support running SQL statements to INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE data in your relational database.  


  • Hi Rob,
    Can you please help what all is needed or process to create Anaplan Connect Script . I have a similar requirement to send a .csv file and we use Informatica PowerCenter