New Fiscal Year


I don't have much experience rolling the model forward to a new fiscal year in Anaplan as we have only been LIVE since January 2016. Currently, we have data for two years (2015 and 2016). In 2017, we will remove reporting for 2015 and store it as data only. As we are now preparing to move forward to 2017, I was wondering if anyone has any documentation they could share on best practices for rolling forward. Is this an easy process or does it require a lot of planning on our end? How do we ensure that nothing gets left behind. For reference, we use Anaplan for Consolidations and have data in actuals only and load on a YTD basis each month. Appreciate the help! 


  • Hi,
    Very good point.
    There are a lot of possibilities, and it depends on your preferences. My own proposal to all my customers are described below :

    Structure of models :
    keep your existing model models as being ALive, Live, Production models. You will use them ever year. The existing model are the model in which you will update the FY. I call theses models the Living Models.
    the closed years will be kept as copied models.

    Process :
    step 1 : copy the Living modxel into a Copied model. For instance, your Consilidation model is named Consolidation. You must copy this model into Consolidation 2015. 
    Step 2 : delete the year 2016 from this copied model. Only the values for 2015 are worth being kept. Because 2016 is still in your Living Model. ANd also because the model is Consolidation 2015 only. Now you mst LOCK this model becuse no one will use it anymore.
    Step 3 : move the FY by one year. In your case, 2015 will disappear and 2017 will open.

    Importants notes :
    in some applications, and you MUST check your aplication i,n this matter, the opening balance of the New Fiscal year is the closing balance of the previous fiscal year. If this is teh case, you CANNOT work th way I describe above, because by deleting 2015 you will loose your FY16 opening and it will be a disaster. 
    If your opening is the previous year closing, you must create / use / adapt one of the module to store the opening. To do so, you will find the BroughtForward feature in the blueprint.
    If this is your case, you have a STEP 4 in my process : import the closing of FY15 into the broughtforward month of the Living Model.

    Because this will happen every year, you will ned to rebuild such an import every year. WHen opening FY18, you will create an import from Conso 16 into the broughtforward of Living Conso.

    That's basically all, but you'd better ask a consultant havinf AT LEAST 3 years in Anaplan to drive you more accurately.
    I have been working on Anaplan since 2011, thus my knowledge of this topic.

    Kind regards.

    sorry for typing and spelling mistakes