Is it Real to make dynamic List


Dear Anaplanners, 


I have a modeling issue. We have an "Agreement Register" in anaplan, it has the structure you can see in attached photo:

image.pngThe values for each agreement are being changed every month. Also every month we need to Export "Unique code + Value" to other system, and each line there becomes enrighed with additional unique code. For example:


So the next step I should Import IDs to match "Unique codes" in Anaplan. What is the best way to arrange it.

As you see it's not good idea to create List from "Unique code", because it should be made for each month. 

You may advise me to create new List each month and delete when required month Import is finished.


Is it possible to make it in other way?


Thank you.

Best Answer

  • rob_marshall

    @StasZ ,


    You should not be concatenating time with your unique list member as this creates more list members than needed.  Instead, you should have a module with the unique members dimensionalized by Time (in your case by month). 


    For example, let's say you have a data set across 24 months of data.  In the way you described above, you would have 24 members in the list.  But, if you remove the "date" or period from the key and dimensionalize it by time, you would only have 1 member in the list.  Now, if we explode this out to by 2000 "unique" members, my module would stay relatively the same except I am adding 1999 members while your list would explode to 48,000 members (200 * 24 months).


    Not only does this help with your list management as well as data management (values changing over time), Anaplan actually performs much better in a dimensionalized way instead of flattening all of the data into one list.  Additionaly, this will help your export because you shouldn't be creating lists with values or transactional data being part of the key.



    Hope this helps,