How to integrate Anaplan to AWS


are there any API's available in Anaplan to push the data to AWS cloud. Or can it trigger message to AWS ?

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  • Hi @rjella,


    Anaplan itself doesn't have any API for pushing data to another platform. As @kavinkumar noted, you can install Anaplan Connect on AWS to run scripts that extract data from your model(s) to store on AWS. Alternatively, there are a number of ETL tools with connectors to AWS and Anaplan (as well as a number of other sources). Using this method would save you having another set of scripts to maintain, if you're already using Anaplan Connect, in addition to the other benefits afforded by ETL tools.



  • Hi;


    Just to confirm, is it possible to import data directly from AWS into an Anaplan model using JDBC?



  • @willridge ,


    Yes, it is possible.

  • Misbah



    Directly? Would love to know, how. Am I not updated or is it something that is quite new

  • @Misbah ,


    It should just be an URL.  This week, I was helping a buddy out and in the properties file, you just needed to set the url of where it was going.


    Properties file:

    # JDBC Connection string (Oracle, Mysql, H2, etc.)

    #abc was the company

    # JDBC login username

    #JDBC login password
    jdbc.password=dbpassword for saphanadb



    Also, take a look at this:



  • Misbah



    Awesome! Is there any documentation available on such cases - Step by Step guide walkthrough, how can this be done? When we are saying direct, does this mean that we don't need to download Anaplan connect on AWS Server and we don't need batch/shell scripts. All we need to do is update the Properties file - right?


    Can the same approach be used for any other system using JDBC.

  • @Misbah ,


    No, you will still need to use Anaplan Connect which will have the import or export action.  The only documentation I used was the release notes, I believe there is some information in there about JDBC.





  • Hi Rob, 


    Could you please point at the release notes for setting up a connect between Redshift and Anaplan. What exactly are the connections to be made and what kind of input form does Anaplan take? Would be great if you could help with these questions! Thanks in advance 🙂

  • @rakesh123 


    I would take a look at the previously linked articles, the one for a JDBC connection as well as download the Anaplan Connect release notes.