filter time periods in list drop down


I'm attempting to show the 'remaining' months eg everything after the current period in the time settings - is this possible ?


or would I need to create a fake period list?


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  • DavidSmith



    This is the same principle as a post a few weeks ago


    But let's go through the steps


    1.  You should already have a time settings module; if not create one now!!

    Within this, link to the Currentperiodstart() to have various booleans for history, current, future periods etc.

    2. Create a single item list (this will be the driver list).2019-02-14_09-36-48.png


    3. Create a line item (formatted as above) in the Time Settings module and apply the appropriate logic2019-02-14_09-38-37.png


    4. You will need to create a fake time scale that matches the normal timescale

    Top Tip - to make it easier to match, use the same format as the timescale - e.g in my example mmm yy


    5. Create a mapping module dimensioned by your fake time scale from 4., and map in the real timescale and then pull in the "future?" list item from the time settings

    Top Tip - FINDITEM(TIME, xxx) is the way to match to a timescale2019-02-14_09-38-58.png

    The line item formula for Future? is Monthly Time Settings.Future?[LOOKUP: Time]


    6. Create a list property in the "Future?" list and point it to the line item above


    7. In your target module, you will need to create a line item that holds just Future?.Future? (make sure the dimensionality is set to none)

    8. Now you add you drop down list line item and use the line item above to apply the dependency.




    You will of course have to match this chosen field back to the real timescale, but you already have the mapping module from 5 to use for that


    I hope that helps



  • HI,


    We can restrict list items based on dependent drop down. As Time is Anaplan inbuilt list like users list, I would suggest you to go with Custom time list in your model.


    Lets wait for others to throw their answers!! 🙂




  • @joshuastockwell ,


    You can do that, you will just need to use Filters to accomplish this.  First, my Current Period:




    I created a Time Filter 2 module dimensionalized by time with one line item: Greater than Current Period which is formatted as a boolean.



    Now, in my "data" module, I created a filter showing only the months where the above are checked:





    If you would like to see the Quarters and and Years as well, change the summary on the Time Filter 2 module to be Any.


    Hope this helps,





  • Sorry,


    I just reread the question, you were only wanting the members in a dropdown or a line item, is that correct?  If so, then I don't believe that is available with straight time.

  • Thanks for your response Rob, yes I want this in a list formatted line item dropdown.
  • thanks @DavidSmith for the walkthough, this has worked perfectly for what I needed 🙂 

  • licx13

    I have read your steps to solve this problem, but I still don't know how to do it. The specific steps are not detailed enough.Could you please make it more specific? thanks a lot!

  • Hi @DavidSmith ,


    I just want to ask how should I maintain the Timescale List as I only need the Current Year and 1 Future Year and it will change over time?



  • @Jerald.Reyes 


    David is no longer with Anaplan so maybe I can help.  You have to remember, Anaplan is not an ERP and should not hold historical data to the end of time.  Figure out what data it actually needs from an end-user standpoint and go from there.  If the users only need two years, then you will need to roll the timescale by one year every year.



  • Hello, what do you mean by -- create fake timescale? I think I'm stuck with no. 4 Process. Please help, Thanks
  • Hi @fssebastian ,


    It's just a regular list that has the same number of items as your native time scale, and best if it has the same names as well, easier to map.