Sumproduct fuction in Anaplan


Hello! I would like to implement logic like "Sumproduct" fuction in Excel. Is there any simple function in ANAPLAN? Thank you.


  • Hi Eujin

    It depends on the requirements you have, may be if you could tell the requirement we can see how to use the sum product, as sumproduct uses various combinations.
  • Hi,

    I am also looking to do a sumproduct of sorts, basically I need to take a proportion from previous months, with a multiplier from the current month. With months left to right in Excel the formula looks like this SUMPRODUCT(N2/C5:M5,C6:M6). N2 is the multipier from the current month, row 5 the volumes and row 6 the proportions to take through. is this possible without creating lots of rows and summing them? I have one example which needs to use 5 years, so splitting the formula out would be very long and messy.

    Any advice would be gratefully recieved!
  • To calculate a sum-product like
    SUMPRODUCT('Line Item 1', 'Line Item 2')
    you need to define an intermediate line item for the products, then sum that.

    So you'd define a new line item called Product, with the formula
    'Line Item 1' * 'Line Item 2'
    Then your sum-product is the total of the Product line item.

    The same technique works if you've got three or more line items for your sum-product.