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I have a question regarding logic set up by list. I want to use different logic for 1 line item by lists. For example, there are 3 list item for 1 line item. * list item : BI, PD, OCD * Line item : forecasted figure for frequency When I set up logic for line item, I want 3 years statistics for BI, 2 years statistics for PD and 1 year statistics for OCD. If then, is there any appropriate logic for this case?

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  • pbaron
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    Try creating a property in the list. Enter values of 1,2 and 3 in them. Then set up an IF statement that reads, IF [property] = 1 THEN [your first bit of logic] ELSE IF  [property] = 2 THEN [your 2nd bit of logic] ELSE [your third bit of logic]. I am sure you can do similar in other ways but this is simple to understand and for others to understand. Works well for 3 bits of logic, real nightmare for 12, as I found out recently.
  • PrevContributor
    Thank you for your answer.
    I tried your method and When I'm trying to use your method, I found item function.

    * List name : organization
    * List item : BI, PD, OCD

    "IF ITEM(Organization) = Organization.BI then Function1 else Function2"
    Above sentence is also possible when we want to set up logic by list item.
  • harish_bk
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    Hi Eugene

    Other way would be to have one more line item : Calculation Method and give values into same and based on that value you can define calculations for list items.