Refresh Timestamp/Username


Could a timestamp and username be automatically added when an Excel file is refreshed via the add-in? This way the end user or another person who opens a workbook knows the last time the file was refreshed and who carried out that refresh? This also would help with version control.

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  • emilydunn
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    Hi Bill!
    A "Last Updated" date and time stamp is recorded for every view that you create in a workbook. Click View Details on the ribbon and you should be able to see it. After checking with our development team, unfortunately, there's no record of which user last refreshed the view.

    I hope that helps.


  • Nice idea but it displays N/A for all the View Information group of details. Any other guesses?
  • Hi Dan!

    Unfortantely, what you are looking for doesn't exist at the time. However, if you could submit a Request for Enhancement here, it would be extremely helpful!
    Thank you!