Can't install 64 Bit Powerpoint addin


When I try to install the powerpoint addin, I get the following message: "This installer did not detect the presence of 64 Bit Microsoft Office...." I have 64-bit office installed and was able to install the excel addin without issue.  Setup: Windows 10 Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Powerpoint 2016 64-bit Is there a workaround? Thanks

Best Answer

  • daniel_laing
    Hi there,

    I think the best approach is to upgrade to the latest version of the PowerPoint Add-in, v1.1, which was just released today (April 21, 2016). The new version officially supports PowerPoint 2016, so that might help us out here.

    Sorry, but the upgrade isn't automatic this time. To upgrade to the new version, you'll need to:

    Uninstall your existing version of the PowerPoint Addin (v1.0) from the Windows Control Panel.
    Download the new version from the Downloads page on Anapedia - just fill in the form.
    Extract the .zip file, then run the new Installer file - it's called "Anaplan.PowerPoint.Setup.exe".
    Log into the Add-in as usual.
    If you still get the same error after upgrading to v1.1, please open a support ticket by emailing and our Support folks will be right on it.

    Hope that helps.

    Daniel, Anaplan staff