Accidentally Deleted Users

I accidentally deleted all the users from my workspace. Is there a way I can get to know which all users have been deleted, so that I can restore them back.  I have added some users for whom I knew the mail id, but dont have the complete list.


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  • dianaplan
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    The easist way to do this is to use the History area in the Settings tab to restore the model back to the point before you deleted the users.


  • We accidently deleted almost all users from a Production copy model due to which all these users are also deleted automatically from the actual Production model. Now we've tried to revert the model back to the history id when users were not deleted in Model Settings > History > Restore to ID...and it says <model successfully restored to change xxxxx> but is not adding back the users. Do not know why. can anyone help? (Meanwhile we're adding the users manually but it's the last option we have)