Formula to calc workspace size


I am trying to determine the workspace size I will need for my organization. Is there any formula to calculate that (e.g. # cells x bit/byte or some other way to calculate)?



  • Hi!


    Calculate the size of the model can be as follows:

    1. Determine the dimension: multiply the number of elements by the measurements in the module. For example, there is a sales module. It contains data on 10 sellers for 12 months. Taking into account the element "Total year", the module size will be 130 cells;
    2. Knowing the total number of potential cells, you can calculate the size of the model using the following formula: 1 billion cells occupy 7.45 gigabytes of cloud space. 2 billion will take 14.9 gigabytes and so on.

    It can be extremely difficult to estimate the dimensionality of the model, since the cells will occupy, among other things, the properties of directories, technical data, and so on. Try to estimate the length of the largest report that you plan to implement (for example, a P&L for 5,000 stores for 24 months for 30 articles in three versions (actual, forecast, budget) .This report will take 11 million 700 thousand cells taking into account the elements for the whole year).