How to synchronize Line Item Subset based on Line item ?


Below is my requirement --

I have a monthly module with 100 line items ,I want to input data and comments for each line item.


I tried in this way --

1) Create a input module with 100 line items and input data .(Module1)

2) Create Line Item Subset of above module .(Module1 LIS)

3) Create third module for input of comments with Line item Subset  (Module 2).

 But I am not able to synchronise the line item and LIS, even though i have checked the synchronise in dashboard setting. If I click on line item 1  ,the LIS is not getting refreshed .


Is there any way to reach this ?



  • Hi Shadmani,


    You can perform synchronization of Line Items, only if the same module is used.


    If you want to perform synchronization of Line Item Subsets, i.e. through Module 2 in your example, then you'll have to either add Module 2 in the dashboard, OR you can create Module 3 using the same Line Item Subset. By clicking on a Line Item Subset member in Module 2 (along rows), the page selector in Module 3 which uses the same Line Item Subset will be synchronized.





    LIS Sync.png

  • @shadmani 

    Are all of your line items numeric?

    If so, you could create the line item subset (in a blank module) and then set up a new module using that line item subset with two line items

    1 for the value and a text formatted line item for the comments, so no need for the synchronisation



  • @DavidSmith 


    Yes ,tried this way and it works but then formatting is a problem as we can't format the LIS (cant set style ).  Hence end up creating a list for now .