Ghost Models?


I don’t think I can see all the models in my workspace and I am a workspace administrator. Is it possible there are older models from former colleagues that I cannot access live in this workspace? Is it possible to somehow made all the models accessible to me, so that I can review them and archive or delete?


Best Answers

  • PrevContributor
    Hi there Kayne,

    In order to get more details and better insight to where/what these ghost models are, could you try adding another email address you control as a workspace administrator? This can either be a personal e-mail address or a new user, to this workspace with all WSA rights, and they'll get access to all models in the workspace.

    Hope that helps!
  • jesse_wilson
    Hi Kayne,

    I hope Paula's suggestion helps you get access to those models so you're able to manage them. I wanted to follow up with a little more information about this. When a new user is added to a workspace as an Administrator, they are automatically added to all models in the workspace and have Full Access. This is useful if you find that the model management screen is showing more of your workspace is being used than you're able to see, or if you or another user accidentally set you to "No access" in a model.