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Hi all,  We are the begining in our travel with Anaplan, as result we have a lot of doubts. We would like to know what is the best practices for Application Lifecycle Management. What you will recomend in order to we can have different environments for : Integration, PreProduction, Production, Training ... etc? How can we pull changes from one environment to another? There is any best practices to follow? Kind regards, 



  • Hi Tiago,

    It's definitely possible to follow a traditional development lifecycle.  Here's an approach that we're taking:
    All build and development occurs in a DEV model.
    When build is complete and end to end testing is set to begin, we copy the DEV model to a TEST model, where all testing occurs.
    If feedback is received on bug fixes/enhancements, we Copy & Archive the original DEV model (with date timestamp), and make the necessary updates in the remaining active DEV model.
    After build is complete in the DEV model we archive the original TEST model (with date timestamp), and then copy the new DEV model to a new TEST model.
    When testing is completed and the build is approved, we copy the TEST model to a PROD model, and archive the DEV and TEST models (to save space in the workspace).
    You can also copy the PROD model to a TRAINING model with limited data.
    If bugs or enhancements are identified, copy the PROD model to a new DEV model, and repeat the cycle.
    There are definitely other ways to do this, this is just one approach for context, hope that helps!

    -Chris Weiss
  • Hi,
    the next release of Anaplan will provide a full bench of new feature for ALM.

    For the time being, you can already prepare your model by ticking the production lists as being production data.

    For the time being, best practice is "DO NOT LOOSE YOUR USERS DATA". It would take hours to describe this subject, I will give you some quick tips :

    For example :
    NEVER modidy a line item which is a data entry line item. If you absolutely need to do so, start with creating a copy of your module, and test your new feature in the the copied module. Than save the data by creating a new line item. This new line item will refer to the original line item you need to modify. Then delete the formula of this new line item. The data will be saved.

    It is very often better to insert additional litem line before the one you wish to modify and to implement the formula change in the newly created line items. Then change the obolet formula in the original line item, to refer to the newy created item reults. By doing this, you will not break the links tpo other modules / models. ANd yhou will not need to remap hundreds of cells / imports.

    But tha'ts really a long story. Look for the next release.

    Kind regards.Michel.
  • Hi Mickel

    Thanks for your answer and notes.

    Can you please share with us what will be the new features for ALM ?

    Kind regards, 
  • Hi,
    the develoment peoples would be in a far better position than I am to answer this question, but basically the ALM will provide us te following features (t be confirmed as for availability i next release) :

    Model status :
    model qill have a status. We will then be able to make a distinction between models in produciton, Live and model being he dev or Test model.
    the admin will flag relevant models as "deployed", which means we will no longer be able to modify the structure of them. Only the lists marked as being Production will be available for change. I encourage you right now to flag the relevant list as being produciton data, since this feature is available, that will allow you to prepare for the ALM
    other models will be used as development models, where the admin will be able to edit the structure.

    Process :
    When necessary, you will "push" the developement model into the test model, and from that into the deployed model. There will be a wizard to assist us. 
    Anaplan is working on  several impact reports / screen that will allow us to see the impact 'changes) durng the process.

    Another very interesting feature is the separation of roles and duties. Some peoples will be able to create the model, but ot to see the actual produciton model, and other peoples with grat rights to see the produciton data, will be able to update the Live model with the New model perapared by other peoples.

    In summary, all what makes sense seems to be there, together with a lot of feature to ensure safety and reliability.

    I am eager to start the  Early Adopter programm to test it.

    Kind regards;
  • Hi,
    ALM is coming soon. First preview can be found here :

    Kind regards.
  • There is an ALM section here in community:  This is just the beginning - more to come in the near future!