How to Export a Dashboard to PDF?


I created a dashboard in one of the models I am developing. I want to export that dashboard out as PDF.  

I found this 

on anapedia, it says 

  1. Open the dashboard to be printed.
  2. Click Export on the dashboard toolbar. TheExport Dashboard to PDF dialog displays   

But I could not find the Export button on the dashboard toolbar.

Please help me with this.

dashboard pdf.PNG

Best Answers

  • Rashmih
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    The export feature should be visible in dashboard toolbar. Could you try this dashboard on the different browser..


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  • Sheethal
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    From the screen shot, it looks like you are searching for Export option after you Click "Edit" option (Designer Mode). But, to use the export option you should not get into the Edit mode or Designer Mode. Instead, click the down arrow  given in the Dashboard Tab (appears only when you hover your mouse pointer over the tab) & you can see Export option as shown below:Tools.JPG



    Please note that this is not browser issue. It works in all browsers.