Multiple Import Files


Is there a way to combine the multiple select files within an action when imports share a file i.e. updating a list then a module with the same .csv,  without deleting and recreating the imports? 


Multiple Import.PNG


  • HI,


    If you are trying to import the same file into a list as well as a module, make sure that the name of the file is same for both instance ie. In Actions tab--> Go to Imports and check for the Source Label of both actions. If it is same then put those actions into a Process, you will be asked to import the file only once instead two.


    Note: Even though if the stucture of the files are same, Anaplan will refer only the source file name.


    Hope you understand the risk of naming conventions while uploading a file 🙂




  • Agreed, if the original import uses the same filename, you should only get one prompt for the filename when you publish the process