Why You Should Join the Anaplan Community (Infographic)


There are many reasons for joining an online community, from wanting to be exposed to different perspectives and connecting with peers, to sharing ideas and growing professionally. With so many online communities out there ranging from social media platforms, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, to industry-leading forums, it can be difficult or even intimidating to find the right one for you. What features should you look for when searching for a community that suits you?

When it comes to Anaplan, the Anaplan Community was designed to give Anaplanners from all over the world the opportunity to connect with peers outside of their organizations. We like to think of it as a one-stop shop for all things connected planning where you can find solutions from your peers and experts, inspiration and new ways to use Anaplan, networking opportunities, Anaplan best practices, and the opportunity to interact virtually with other Anaplanners.

Still not convinced that joining a community is right for you? Check out our infographic below to find out a few of our top reasons for why you should join the Anaplan Community and see for yourself how the demand for a planning community has grown in the past few years. 


What are your favorite features of an online community and what would you add to our infographic above? Which communities are you a member of and want to recommend to our readers? Why do you find connecting and networking to be important?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, let us know what community means to you, and be sure to keep an eye on future content this month when we'll highlight the importance and benefits of connecting and networking!