Issue in mapping creation in dell Boomi tool using Anaplan action


Hello Team


Can anyone help me to understand the Dell Boomi integration with Anaplan.

I am trying to integrate Oracle Databse to Anaplan using Dell Boomi.

When i try to create Mappings in Dell boomi from Database to anaplan by using MAP .

I am able to retrive columns from Databse but when i try to select anaplan action in target sesction of mapping it doesnt retrive Columns present in Anaplan action like informatica cloud does.


I have attached the mapping snapshot for reference.

Please help me to understand and solve this.I have to select JSON file format in mapping to select Anaplan action.



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  • jesse_wilson

    Hi @Ankitjain 


    You can create a generic mapping profile, based on the CSV file in Anaplan. By selecting the import action, Boomi is trying to map the source data to the JSON response from an Import action, not the file associated with it. From the mapping object, you can create a new target profile; first, select flat file from the dropdown, then create a new profile. Please see the attached for reference.



  • jesse_wilson

    In order to push data to Anaplan you must first get the data into your model via the upload operation. This sends the data in a file format to your model, which can then be imported into your module(s) with imports or processes. If you have a single file that acts as a source to multiple objects, it would be best to upload the file then use a process. This will help to reduce your maintenance costs associated with your integrations.


  • Hello Jesse,


    Thank you so much for the solution.I am able to load data now.


    Currently i have created a mapping with database to flat file and mapping is connected to Anaplan upload operation  then Anaplan upload is connected to Anaplan import operation.


    Do i have any other option to load data in anaplan to database by  skipping anaplan upload operation and direct import in Anaplan? Please correct me if am following a bad practice for integration.


    I have attached snapshot of mapping for your reference. 

  • @jesse_wilson Can you please update me on this ? I am struggling to push data in anaplan without using upload operation in anaplan import action.