SUM when dimensionality is different b/w source & target in terms of "VERSIONS"


Hi, Anaplanners,


I have a question regarding how to SUM when a source has versions and a mapping doesn't.

In the attached file, what I am tyring to do in the target module is to simply sum by products.

As per what I understand is the formula "Source Module.Production Vol[SUM: Source Module.Product, SELECT:VERSIONS.Forecast]" doesn't work (this must show zeros) b/c the dimensions of the two modules are different in terms of VERSIONS. But I would like to keep the target "Not Applicable" in a bid to save model size. Would you provide me with some pointers ?


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  • DavidSmith
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    If you check Current? in the Versions settings, that is the value that will come across from the source automatically to the target when the source has versions and the target doesn't



  • Hi,


    In your Source Data, you have Date Dimension, So you need to include Time in your Formula


    Try the below Logic,


    Source Module.Production Vol[SUM: Source Module.Product, SUM: Source Module.Time, SELECT:VERSIONS.Forecast]




    If Forecast version is your Current Version then you don't need to include Version in the formula


    Source Module.Production Vol[SUM: Source Module.Product, SUM: Source Module.Time]






  • Thanks David. Ive noticed why I couldnt sum the numbers was not due to dimensionality.

    As you indicated, CURRENT VERSION came from the source in my case. Thank you.

  • Thanks Vegnesh for your reply !