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Hello Everyone, 

In supply chain projects, it is often to have a BOM with more than 15 levels. 

One level can be both parent and child.

and for one level, we need to identify all of the parents in order to calculate the quantity to produce.

Clients often provide a file with at least 3 columns, The first one is the compound, the second is the compound and the third is the quantity.

Did any of you succeeded to import such file into Anaplan?

Any ideas will be welcome


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  • Hi @dihya.atmani 


    Anaplan supports creation of a multi level BOM. There are 2 approaches you can take

    1. Get a Hierarchy in your input file and use that to build a nested composite list on Anaplan showing the parent-child relationship. These lists will be numbered list as you can have single component as both parent and child and also child in multiple parents.

    Pros - this approach makes roll-up of BOM level information very easy as Anaplan does it for you. Traceability all the way down is simple and easy. 

    Cons - changing the BOM is a challenge as you need to rebuilt the whole hierarchy all over again. And then having the old hierarchy intact for prior months may be difficult to do. 


    Further, we find that SAP [mostly used ERP in Manufacturing setup] doesn't throw out a multi-level BOM. It just give a single level BOM with Level, Alt Level, Parent, Base Qty, Base UOM, Component, Comp Base Qty, Comp Base UOM, Quantity etc.


    2.Build a single level BOM in Anaplan and use action buttons to roll-up costs from the lowest level to the top level

    Pros - in this method, change is easy to capture. One parent -child relationship change can be easily propogated throughout the model with minimal effort on the modelling side. 

    Cons - loose traceability from top level to bottom level. At any point, you only get that level Material Costs and Semi-Finsihed Goods cost. 


    My recommendation is to take the 2nd approach as the problem statement gets compounded when you include Recipes as well. With multiple recipe versions and alternate versions, the challenge to manage is very difficult in a single nested BOM in Anaplan.

  • I have created a solution to this in the past using a specific model to explode the BOM hierarchy.  I will put my thoughts into an article and publish it.  I'll cross reference back here when I do


  • Hi David,


    Did you get a chance to put your thoughts together on this



    Nagadeep K

  • good news - I've found the time to put this together

    Coming soon (as in next week!)


  • Thanks @DavidSmith . The document is quite comprehensive and detailed.


    I have figured out my own way to create a Hierarchy BOM. And it involves no change in the file structure whatsoever. The only requirement is to have an Action process to run through the BOM creation in an interactive way. I could do a 9 level deep BOM with running the process about 70 odd times. And it took Anaplan less than 15 mins to do so. Once you have built the detailed BOM, you can create a single level BOM out of this hierarchy that shows all the components at the first level as a leaf. 


    Makes it extremely simple. I will try and put it together in a document or maybe publish an app on the App Store. As it can save time and effort for the whole community. Pls bear with me till I do so

  • @sanjeev 

    If you have achieved a solution that works for you, well done

    However, we do try and avoid end users running actions , especially multiple times due to the disruption/blocking of multiple users running actions concurrently


    As with most things, it depends, and there are often pros and cons or every solution



  • Hello David,


    I am new to Anaplan, wanted to practice BOMs how do they playout, I have tried creating datasets and but with limited levels, I was wondering if you can also share dataset, (Please disregard if that is a live or confidential data set) so I can hands-on.



    Aslam Nadeem


  • @asnadeem 


    If you scroll up and see the reply from David, he has attached a document which basically will walk you thru the entire BOM explosion. be Patient as it is good an hour or two read.


    And hey! David is not longer with Anaplan. So you most probably wouldn't hear from him on this community