Where do I register?

How can I register for one of the Certification courses?


  • To register for Customer or Partner certification training, please go to the Anaplan Learning Center. Simply log on, select your desired course and start your training. Do note that some courses have pre-requisites that need to be completed before you can access.
    • Check out the Course Catalog to learn more about certification levels and the requirements. 
    • Don't have access to the Learning Center?  Follow the Set4Success Guide to set up your account. 
    The Partner certification courses shown below require manual enrollment by the Enablment team. To enroll, please fill-out the Class Registration Form.
    • 299: Anaplan Partner Certification Project
    • 402: The Anaplan Way
    Questions?  Contact us at enablement@anaplan.com 
  • hey, just fyi, only the registration link in the "aswer" post works, the other ones are broken.

    Thank you!