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Our client will load a csv to Anaplan where we will compute the scorecard base on the dates on their transactions. However, we notice something the contract number column which is a general format in excel becomes scientific format once it is in csv. Please see attachment. We can change it back to the format that we want to but we need to always check it before loading. Is there a way for the client not to check the format of the csv all the time. 


Thanks in advance.



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  • jesse_wilson

    Hi @Jsdeloria21 ,


    The issue you're facing is due to converting from XLS to CSV. The latter doesn't have cell format data, so when you re-open the file in Excel, the program does its best to figure out which format to use for the data.


    When importing to Anaplan, this shouldn't matter because the data is correct, it's just a matter of how Excel is presenting it to you.



  • jesse_wilson

    Ultimately, yes the issue is in Excel. Without having cell format data, it's is presenting the data to you in the best possible way it can determine.


  • Hi Jesse,


    Appreciate the response. That is where we have a problem the result is correct but the presentation, the contract number is a key line item and they would want to view it the same way in excel but excel is changing the view. We can change it back if we change the format in the csv file. So is this an excel problem?

  • Hi Jesse,


    Thanks for the clarification



  • You can create an export/import process within Anaplan. Ideally we always want to plan within Anaplan but I have created export/import process.


    • Export
      • File Type: CSV
      • Layout: Grid
      • Omit Summary
      • Include Empty
      • Action Name: Export [What you want to export] template
      • Process Name: EXPORT: [What you want to export] template
    • Import
      • Action Name: Import [What you want to import]
      • Process Name: IMPORT: [What you want to import] 
      • Time: Periods Y-M

    FYI, you'll probably get a date error when you set up the action. However, once you run the process end to end the data loads with no errors. This is pretty finicky and you may experience some errors.