Invalida Date - Import from one model to another




Please see the details of my inquiry in the attachment



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  • DavidSmith
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    When you are mapping the line items to each other, check the date mapping option to the right.  This sets the date formats


    As an aside, it is much better to use a unique key for the data rather than a generic numbered list.


    If this data is by employee only, why not use the employee id as a code for the list.  Or join the employee id with other field to create a unique record.  That is a much more efficient data structure for data hubs and downstream models.


    You shouldn't really be importing all of the records in the same format from the data hub directly into the main model using generic numbered lists.




  • Hi,


    I can see you have the time dimension in the target module.

    Are you sure this error is not related to how you map the time dimension rather than the date to date import ?