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Hi Everyone,

Is there any way that I can see the import task ID in anplan? Please share your thoughts 


  • Hi Dileepkumar,


    May i know what you're trying to achieve when you want to see the import task ID?

    Some context help in understanding the key objective you're trying to do.




  • We are running import action via iPass and need to capture rejected records of a import action. Anaplan created error_dump of records using Task_id. To read rejected record; we can send notification to Business with detail of rejected records. Can anybody help "how can we identify TaskId of each Import action".

    Thanks LipChean for your quick response

  • Hi,


    The task ID is returned when you initially send the POST request to trigger the action. This is also how you will check on its status, as well as fetch the error dump.


    Please see our full API documentation for further details about fetching error dumps for imports or processes.



  • will the Production Task_id  same as the dev environment or  will it be different?

  • The Task ID is a unique, 32 character alpha-numeric string that is randomly generated every time you run an action. So, even in the same model, you will get a unique value for each run.


    The ID of the action will be persistent as long as it exists, and will likely be different between different environments.

  • @jesse_wilson 

    I got it ,Thanks for your quick response, 

    So will the import id and task id are same? If not then are they same in dev and prod evironment? 

    how can we identify Import DI of each Import action?

  • To clarify, action ID and task ID are not the same. An action ID assigned to every action in a model, where a task ID is generated every time an action is run. They are linked, but not the same.

    For example:


    Import Users from users.csv has an import ID of 112000000002,


    The first time I run it, I get a task ID of EECE4CC401E54AA18714D9C7F3F4BECD

    If I run the same import again, I get a task ID of BB42E201360B4A798D7DF4CDEFF79446


    Please review our API documentation I linked previously for more information about fetching action(import, export, process, etc) IDs.

  • @jesse_wilson  Thank you so much for your quick responses, will review the API documentation