Module to module import


Hi Guys 


I am trying to import data from data hub module structured with just line items (no dimensions) 




A module in spoke model also structured as just line items ( no dimensions) 



and it just doesnt work . The value field doesnt come up 


source module 

time(line item) date formated 


target module

time(line item) date formated 


PS: i have also tried importing into Text formated line item with no luck 




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    Hi Karank,


    As per my understanding, the source table should be always more than 1 dimension.


    if it's 1 dimension, then this is how the grid appears in the import tab.






  • Thanks Vignesh 


    For a very detailed response , i really appreciate your effort . 


    One thing i would like to understand  is why i doesnt work . 


    Thanks again

  • dkolka



    Said differently, it takes 2 dimensions to form an intersection.  The intersection is where the data will live - by at least row and column. Most row/column database systems need 2 dimensions by which to store data.


    Hope that provides additional perspective,