Order of rows in a module


I'm rather new to Anaplan, and now I'm stuck at solving an issue.

I have a module and a dashboard (built by someone else previously). The module using a list subset as rows. In the dashboard there are different views of this same module, but in one view I see the raws in their original order (the order which I see in the original list) i.e.: a, b, c, d, but there are other view on this dashboar where the order of the rows is a, c, b, d.

I can't figure out a solution to change the order of the rows neither in the module itself nor in the dashboard views.

Does anyone have a solution?



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  • DavidSmith
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    Yes, you can use the Select Items to show option, if you right click on the row (or click the blue triangle)2019-03-20_12-07-03.png



    Then you can re-order as you wish

    Alternatively you can click and CTRL+click the rows in the order that you need, right click and "show"

    I hope that helps