Invalid Parent when Importing into List




I have this list called Strategic Customer. I have a module based off this list called Strategic Customer Details. the parent hierarchy of this list is Strategic Account Owners. In the module, I have a line item to choose a different Strategic Account Owner for a Strategic Customer. The choose new SAM line item is format Strategic Account Owners list. When I import this into the Strategic Customer list to change the parent of the strategic customer i want to change, it gives me an invalid parent error. Any ideas on how to fix this error? Capture3.PNGCapture1.PNGCapture.PNG

Best Answer

  • MandarAnanda

    Is this a numbered list? i suggest that you import the "code" of the parent instead of the name. In below case, instead of having the line item "Choose New SAM", have another line item called "New SAM Code", get the code of the selected SAM and use this line item in your import. 


  • Are you using codes for the import?

    Normally this happens if the code or name of the parent is the same as the child.  

    It is best to try and keep the children codes different from the parent codes if possible

    One trick is to add the two codes together to create a unique parent-child code

    Hope that helps


  • This worked! Thank you!