Import a Saved View with a page as a dimension into a List



I have this saved view in my Vault Line Master details module. The dimension being used is a page of the vault line. I want to import this view here with one single vault into a Vault Line Master Archive list pictured below, with just importing the display name into the list is all. Capture.PNGThe single vault in this view is a page selector in a dashboard. When i import into the list, it imports with no errors but it imports 0. Capture1.PNGCapture2.PNGAny ideas on how to import? 





  • Can you provide the Configure tab and Properties tab of the list "Vault Line Master Archive".


    Also the screenshot of the mapping in the import.




  • @aabalos hi Amanda,


    w/o more details it's hard to provide precise guidance. but let me try.... I am assuming you want to import the vault lines from the save view into this "Vault line master archive" list. If that's the case.. change the pivot of your saved view to have vault line dimension as rows instead of page. this should show all the vault line as rows, apply appropriate filter (if filters need to be applied), save the view. Define your import by mapping "Value Line" as items into the list. If vault Line is a numbered list, then you'll need to import codes and display name instead of valult line.


    Hope it helps..