Exporting internal link to Views




I want to understand if an export can be linked to a saved view so I did the following test:

  • Create a view and save it
  • Create an export just after based on that view
  • Delete that view
  • Run the export

The export still works. I understand this means that an export is not linked to a visible named view, but to some type shadow view that gets saved when the export is created and that cannot be manipulated afterwards. Is that correct?



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  • Thanks for that @kavinkumar 


    This behaves exactly as I was thinking at time of writing the post, but was not obvious to get to that conclusion. Only extra remark I would make is that it would be a super useful functionality if Anaplan allowed to link those export processes to saved views. Its feels much easier to change an export definition through a saved view rather than having to recreate it when you perceive a gap (ex. wrong filter).

  • Hi @paolovm and @kavinkumar ,


    Got to know something new from this post about Anaplan Exports.


    A good learning in the morning..!


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