Eliminate pop-up box for all records when creating new record



I created a numbered list "record List",  it will have the records that the user will create. 

Record list has "All Records" list as Parent. "All Records is just a list with one record.

And created an action which will add the new record to the numbered list.

While creating this action I gave I gave the following settings. Prompt for parents while creating the action Creating action.PNG

Now I published the Create action to a dashboard.

When I  click on the action a pop up appears asking to select the parent.

pop up box.PNG

Now if I don't give the 'Prompt for parents' while creating the action. and click  on the action to create a record it throws an error 

not prmpt.PNG


What I am looking for is when I click on the action to create a record it should create a record without the Pop-Up. Is this possible?



Vamshidhar Reddy


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  • DavidSmith
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    From memory, if you don't "prompt for parents", you need to ensure you have clicked on a parent row in a grid before clicking the action button to create the child member.

    So, you could display a grid with only 'all records' showing at the top of the dashboard, or sort the grid to have 'all records' at the top.

    Click this, then click create and you should be ok

    I hope this helps



  • Hi @DavidSmith 

    Thanks for the reply. I understood what you said.

    So there is no way to eliminate the clicking on the parent.


  • Unfortunately not with that functionality.  I normally have insructions or tool tips to edicuate users on the process.  It is best practice to help users understand what they need to do on dashboards.

    Once they have been shown it once or twice they get used to it